Info about Hard Boyled Breaks - music & artwork

Artist: MistaSweet
Title: Hard Boyled Breaks 2004-2015
Medium: 12" - 33rpm - 140grs black vinyl
Running time: 39 minutes
Release date: November 14th 2015 (Kirishi, Russia)
Price: 15 euros for 1 copy, 25 euros for 2 copies (ex. shipping - worldwide)

On the album you find 12 of my bboy tracks I selected from my repertoire of last years. The selection process was really hard because I have made a lot of dope bboy tunes.
This selection gives you a nice overview of music I created from 2004 until now. I'm not planning to stop, so expect more where that came from!

Below you find the tracklist and if you click the name of a track you will get some more info about it:
A1. Strapped & Trapped
A2. Swizzet
A3. Original Seeds
A4. 5th Gear - Practise Harder
A5. Clean Up Your Footworks
A6. Break That Thang
B1. Strapped & Trapped - instrumental
B2. Boombreaks Saints (Breaklaan Saints Theme)
B3. Balalaikas For Breakfast
B4. Flying Funk Flava
B5. Boody Basics
B6. Bboy Craze

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A1. Strapped & Trapped (off Return Of The Boombreaks) - 2014
The idea for this track came when I played the original 7" of Colonel Abrams (which I bought when I was 12 or so) a few years ago and found out there was an acapella version on the b-side.
I wanted to recreate the original melody but still make it my own. I worked on it in a weekend and it all came out like this.
Some small arrangement adjustments were made afterwards and the track was finished!

A2. Swizzet (unreleased) - 2015
The last years I have been making my beats a little bit more musical and I wanted to do a nice jazzy joint that you can groove on with some nice toprocks.
At one point, I just started to play around with a nice upright bass sound and composed a jazzy bassloop, kind of like the loop in Don't Sweat The Technique.
Of course it needed horns and all other instruments and sooner than I thought the track was groovin' like a mutha!
This track actually was released on only four 7" dubplates as the b-side of the Ruffneck Attack track I made in 2015.

A3. Original Seeds (off Bbird Breaks) - 2009
This track couldn't miss on this album. It's based on a latin sample which I flipped around and totally created another vibe.
I made it on my E-mu sampler with my Atari as a sequencer and it took some time to make the arrangement with breaks and bridges like it is.
Original Seeds is the name now, since it came out on Bbird Breaks and the sound of the track is least I think so!

A4. 5th Gear - Practise Harder (off Bboy Bootcamp) - 2007
Why this name? Some of the drum sounds are off a 5th Dimension track. Since the theme was bootcamp, I decided to make the name relevant to this.
I have it on a dubplate for a while and when I play it and the video comes on YouTube a standard question is "what's the song name??"
For me this is a big honor, so I decided this one should be on the album as well.

A5. Clean Up Your Footworks (off Bboy Bootcamp) - 2007
Also in the theme of the bootcamp this track was created. It has some straight forward hypeness and an almost aggresive groove.
When I played it at Evolution in New York people were really feeling it (I got this one also on a dubplate).
For the rest there is not so much info about it, except for that it's dope!

A6. Break That Thang (off Bboy Food) - 2005
Back in 2005 I created quite some bboy tracks, of which this one among four others featured on the mix-CD "Bboy Food".
This is a powerful and raw track with a lot of stabs, I like stabs! Since I didn't have a good version on my computer I had to recreate this track.
I made it with my sampler and Atari but now I reconstructed and re-mixed it in Ableton.
Although my perspective on mixing and sound had changed quite a bit through the years, I tried to keep the original raw sound and mix alive.

B1. Strapped & Trapped instrumental (unreleased) - 2015
Since the music of this track is very dope but the lyrics are about love and such, for me it's not suitable to play in a battle.
Planning the release, I thought of making an instrumental version of this tune. I adapted the arrangement a little bit and it was ready to go!

B2. Boombreaks Saints - Breaklaan Saints Theme (off Return Of The Boombreaks) - 2014
A young bboy crew from Den Haag called the Saint Rockaz always liked my music and I came up with the idea to make a song for them.
The track took some time to shape but eventually came out pretty nice and hard. The intro is relaxed but when the beat comes in...BANG!!
I showed the track to the guys in the studio of Haags HipHop Centrum...and they were blown away! So I hope you enjoy this track like them!

B3. Balalaikas For Breakfast (off Worldwide Bboy Food) - 2011
My homeboy DJ and bboy Smirnoff had the idea that I could make a beat using balalaikas. He told he would send me some music with these instruments in there.
Unfortunately I didn't receive this but still wanted to make a track like this. I got some records of another Russian friend Rezky from Top9 and started to work.
The result is a hard ass bboy beat with nice choirs and Russian singing in there. The name I made like this because it fit the theme of Worldwide Bboy Food.

B4. Flying Funk Flava (off Bbird Breaks) - 2009
Working title of this track was: Buck. This name is still on my dubplate. You know birds dropping shit down on us...that's the flying funk!
I made it with some raw ass drums and of course some good stabs so you can catch them in your dance. So, when you play or hear this tracks: watch out for the flying funk!

B5. Bloody Basics (off Bboy Bootcamp) - 2007
In this period I had been making a lot of bboy tracks but none of them had conga's in there. So I wanted to make one!
The original title was Superconga but soon changed to this title for the bootcamp album. Conga's, stabs, organs, humming voices, nice basslines and crispy drums.
Those are the ingredients of this pretty well known track in the bboy scene.

B6. Bboy Craze (off Kers'Fresh Coffeebreaks) - 2004
Hard hittin' crazy beats! A true bboy craze starts when you play this track. In my studio it sounded nice, but when I played it off a MiniDisc at a jam: crazy!
There is no bassline as you might notice, but a fat ass 808 boom. Also the drumsounds I love the most (Motown) are in there.
This was one of the first bboy tracks I really thought was both hype and dope. A nice arrangement and some breaks keeps it interesting.
This beat I also recreated in Ableton but I kept the vibe and raw mix of the original intact to make sure the energy is still good.

Front cover:

On the front cover you see me (almost) doing a freeze (I could say I'm doing an airflare lol). This picture is taken on my 40th birthday.
I invited a lot of people who had the chance to call me out for a MC or bboy battle (for fun of course, no prize money haha).
This photo appears to be taken at one of those bboy battles. It represents my start in hiphop with bboying (back then I knew only breakdance) and the fact that I'm still active in hiphop.
I don't really practise but if necessary I can bust some moves or rhymes, no problem. As you can see on this photo I can surprise people sometimes...

Back cover:

The back cover is quite clear. It has all titles, times and years and all, some info about equipment but there are 3 photos on there too.
One is the background which consists of only records, an important part of my life. The second is the one of me when I was about 10 or 11 years old (so about 1983/1984).
I was doing a show with two of my fellas and noticable about this photo are the Puma shoes, the white gloves and the sweater I am wearing.
My mom (R.I.P.) made a stitching on this sweater with the term "Break-Dance" as I asked her then. Truly dope! The third photo you find on the right of the bottom.
This photo was from a newspaper, also back in probably 1983-1984. I lived in Germany then and after seeing the "Hey You (The Rock Steady Crew)" video I was hooked.
I often went out and tried to do something similar like in the video. A lot of the times I took my radio and danced on a cardboard on the street.
One day there was a picture taken of me and I am quite happy to have a photo of this memorable time!