MistaSweet - the DON P ep (limited handnumbered edition, 2020)

In 2019 Jack Faded dropped a track called "54 Anthem", featuring a Sweet production and cuts.
People went crazy over this track, especially at live shows.
The track is an uptempo 90's vibe track, which people like to dance or break to (crazy street cyphers were the result at live shows)

A question arose from Erwin "Smooth" if it's going to be on vinyl, but Sweet had to dissapoint him.
After thinking about this question, the idea came up to drop an EP (which turned out the become a 10 track EP!) with this track featuring Jack Faded, perfect for breaking jams.
Of course the instrumental has to be on there...but what else? Some productions he was working on became a valid option for this EP.
Hooking up with legendary Skinny Scotty and Alee Rock, a very dope high energy track came out quite nice, which is on the EP as well as the instrumental.
Two older beats, which weren't released on vinyl yet, were selected too. One more track with an MC doing some MC'ing is featuring D.Chesron.
He is know the be able to adapt to any situation and a great freestyler as well. So that's what yo can expect...you won't be dissapointed!!

One more thing to do is think of the concept and call up TRIK to make the artwork bangin' like the music. And he did...

Don't miss out on this release!!

First the music will be available on streaming platforms from April 10th, 2020.
So you can check first, have a listen - check the countdown at the bottom!
The vinyl will be available in May, preorders are more than welcome!