Buy "Hard Boyled Breaks" vinyl album

So you decided to buy this piece of historical wax! Excellent you're only a few steps to make it happen.

1. Send an email to
2. In the email write the number of copies you want, the country where you are from and how you want to pay (Paypal/bank transfer/cash)
3. You will get an email back normally within 24 hours (but max. 48 hours) with a total price and instructions
4. Wait for delivery
5. Play the record as often as you can!

To get an estimate of the shipping costs, you can check out this webpage: PostNL.
Choose your country and weight of the package and you can calculate the amount of shipping costs. For any help: send us an email.


You can also go to Juno Records or to buy the record.

If you are from around Den Haag you can also buy it at Haags HipHop Centrum

Thanks for supporting!!