the DON P ep & combo deals

the DON P ep
12" album

1 = 17,95€
2 = 30€
Boylin' Breaks
7" mini EP

Hard Boyled Breaks
12" album

1 = 12€
2 = 20€
Cigarros b/w Funky Tajine
7" single

1 = 8€
2 = 14€

the DON P ep: the new vinyl containing some new HEAT!!

Boylin' Breaks 7"es: these are the very last copies so superexclusive, price is 20 euros per copy.
Discogs will price you wayyyyy more!!

Hard Boyled Breaks: Album with some classic, high energy productions for breaking!

Cigarros/Funky Tajine: Single with a supafunky cuban style sound on side A and Morrocan flava on the flip side...

Here's the deal for the combo's:
In combination with the amount of copies you want of the DON P ep, every item you add you can deduct 10% of the item(s) you add.
For instance: 2 copies the DON P ep (25 euro) + 1 Boylin' Breaks (20-10%=18 euros) + Cigarros 7" (8-10%=7,20 euro)

All prices are excluding shipping, the records will be shipped worldwide.

Thanks for supporting!!